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Did you know this about Amethyst?

History  Amethyst is an extremely popular crystal for jewellery lovers and for obvious reasons! Purple is a colour that is relatively rare in the natural world, causing the gemstone to be highly prized in the ancient world and even more so today. Here at Onyx we understand the value of each gemstone and that every [...]

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How much do you truly know about Aquamarine?

March's birthstone is Aquamarine, with it's mesmerising colour ranges from a deep blue to a pale blue it's no wonder it has strong links to the sea. A perfect birthstone for March, as one of its star sign being Pisces who's element pair is water and of all the zodiac signs, only the Pisces has a [...]

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Onyx Joins Forces with Local Charities

Wherever we can we like to join forces with a local charity to raise money for a wonderful cause. In 2014 we teamed up with Forever Stars, a Beeston based charity raising money to cater for the needs of parents who suffered a still birth. We hosted a charity event in conjunction with the launch [...]

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Looking For Springtime Fun In Nottingham?

Hello lovely readers! Now we know it’s only just May, but the sunshine got us thinking about all the different people who have visited our Beeston shop lately. Some of our visitors aren’t looking to make a major commitment to another person, spend thousands or treat their partner… that’s because they’re teenagers. Yep, teenagers shop [...]

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Off Peak Weddings… Why Not?

Well hello there, welcome back to the Onyx Goldsmiths blog! As you have no doubt noticed, spring has finally arrived and the cobwebs of winter are finally being blown away. It’s been a wonderful couple of months for the Beeston team; spirits are high and the number of engagements we’ve witness recently has really taken [...]

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Surprise Someone Special… The Cheeky Way

So you’ve found the perfect gift for your special someone but you’re still concerned… how are you going to present it? There’s nothing particularly wrong with being old school and just handing them the gift out of nowhere, but hey, creativity in delivery can be just as exhilarating as the gift itself. The team at [...]

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Is It Engagement Season?

Is there such thing as an engagement ‘season’? Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day – all of these offer the perfect opportunity for infatuation, commitment and love to take the next step. The team at Onyx Goldsmiths aren’t quite convinced that there is a single season of engagement but we’d be lying if we said the run [...]

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Is 3D Printing The Future of Jewellery?

You may have heard about the intuitive technology behind ‘3D Printing’? The press hasn’t always been particularly kind about this creative feat thanks to fears that users will use it to craft objects of violence. Of course, mankind has always feared that which it does not fully understand so the jury is still out on [...]

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