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Have you got a special event coming up that you really want to look unique for and stand out from the crowd?
Well why not hire our jewellery to complete your look?

We hire for all occasions: weddings, birthdays, Christmas party’s even promotional events and photo shoots.

Rather than buying an item you might only wear once we allow our customers to hire our jewellery at 20% of the full retail price of their desired item.

Contact us and tell us which item/s you are interested in and we’ll contact you accordingly.

Please note 2 forms of identification are needed to hire our jewellery.


  • To hire our jewellery it costs 20% of the retail price of your desired item.

  • You will pay the full retail price of the item on your credit/debit card, and you will be refunded the 80% upon return.

  • If the item is damaged you will be charged the repair costs, this will vary according to the level of damage.

  • The standard hire time is 3 days and the 20% costing covers this.

  • If you wish to pre arrange an extension on your hire time you can do this at a charge of 1% of the full retail price per day.

  • If you are late in returning an item you will be charged 2% of the full retail price per day until returned.


Please see above

You will be charged for the full repairs the item requires. This charge will vary depending on the level of damaged and you will be notified.

The standard hire time is 3 days.

If you wish to prolong this hire time you can at a charge of 1% of the full retail price per day.

If you wish to extend the standard hire time significantly, if you are going on a cruise for example, then a special arrangement can be made and, in this case please contact us. 

You will not be refunded the remaining 80%, as you are unable to return the item.

You will be charged 2% of the full retail price of the item for each late day.

You can hire as many items as you like as you will pay the full amount and wont be refunded the 80% until they have been returned.

Yes, however you will have to pay for them to be re-stemmed or for replacement hook wires, depending on the style of earrings. The fitting price for each earrings is different due to style, weight and material. We will inform you of these charges before you hire them. All work will be done in our workshop, all you have to do is return the earrings after you have worn them. Customers do generally purchase earrings however.

That is absolutely fine, just please let us know that you indent to keep the item and we won’t refund you the 80%.