Is It Engagement Season?

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Is It Engagement Season?

Is there such thing as an engagement ‘season’?

Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day – all of these offer the perfect opportunity for infatuation, commitment and love to take the next step. The team at Onyx Goldsmiths aren’t quite convinced that there is a single season of engagement but we’d be lying if we said the run up to Christmas didn’t see a peak of romantic propositions.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on our Facebook page this past few months, you may have noticed a series of super cute pictures taken in store – here’s a hint, they all share a common theme. Take a look!

Mark & Alex                                         Richard & Christine                                      Christopher & Sonia



So, is Onyx Goldsmith’s the best place to engage in Beeston? We certainly have the most delightful and diverse range of engagement rings in the area – that we’re certain of.



To discuss our rings please don’t hesitate to drop by for a chat (preferably without your partner!) and we’ll get everything sorted.

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