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Off Peak Weddings… Why Not?

Well hello there, welcome back to the Onyx Goldsmiths blog!

As you have no doubt noticed, spring has finally arrived and the cobwebs of winter are finally being blown away. It’s been a wonderful couple of months for the Beeston team; spirits are high and the number of engagements we’ve witness recently has really taken us aback. If you’re a local Nottingham couple and want to ensure that your significant other gets the ring of their dreams, well, we’re always here to help.

Everybody knows that weddings aren’t cheap, and it’s unfortunate that so many couples choose to avoid their desired ceremony due to financial woes. Wedding season typically falls within the breezier, sunny months of May to September though venues will change to suit demand. With that said, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking the frugal route and planning your wedding for the off-peak season. Not only are you guaranteed to pay considerably less in venue and catering fees, but you’ll be free to choose from a greater variety of bookings. Venues are clucking for business in these quiet months.

Some people will be concerned about the little things of course, and rightly so. Flowers for example, the flora of your wedding are arguably just as important as the catering, presence of guests and a ring! The best way to tackle this is to choose flower types which are local to your wedding venue, and do extensive research (preferably with the help of a florist) into which blossoms are in season. If a certain flower isn’t in bloom, then you’ll have to import and this can be needlessly costly. Most florists will be more than happy to inform you of in season flora, and provide accordingly.

The key to an off-season wedding is very similar to an on-peak one; check the weather with a ruthless attention to detail, budget, and enjoy yourself. The benefits are there to be reaped, and the freedom of choice is yours.


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