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Surprise Someone Special… The Cheeky Way

So you’ve found the perfect gift for your special someone but you’re still concerned… how are you going to present it?

There’s nothing particularly wrong with being old school and just handing them the gift out of nowhere, but hey, creativity in delivery can be just as exhilarating as the gift itself. The team at Onyx Goldsmiths put their heads together and had a wee think about the best ways we’ve ever received presents. We also had a poke around online to see how others get creative with their gift giving – so here are our favourites:


1. The Fake Packaging

Misdirection is oh so fun, especially seeing your loved ones face drop when they realise you’ve (supposedly) bought them some cheap tat for their anniversary. That beautiful gold ring you bought? Bury it in the packaging of something deeply unappealing and see the disappointment turn to glee when they realise what you’ve done!



Good at music? Why not write a piece of music to guide towards the gift?

2. The Hunt

Not the preferred method for lazy gift givers as this will arguably take a little planning and creative flair on your half. A tried and tested method is to present an envelope with a clue in it that’ll lead the recipient to the next clue location before eventually revealing the location of the all important gift. Try and transpose sentimental moments from your relationship into the clues – it’ll go a long way.



3. The Unexpected Hidden Surprise

If your partner complains about how predictable or lazy you can be with things like this, maybe it’s time to go in the complete other direction. Know a place where your loved one checks every day but considers completely unknown to you? Maybe it’s time to give them a wee flutter of the heart.



4. The Curious Delivery

This could be delivered by your child, a friend, a goofy relative or anybody willing to do you a solid favour in aid of love and friendship. Is your partner expecting you to give them something special? Why not pretend that you forgot, or it was delayed… only to have the person they least expect present the gift for a wry moment of disbelief.

With those put forward, we’d absolutely love it if our followers and customers shared their favourite gift experiences. What do you prefer? Blunt presentation or a misleading, but ultimately exhilarating surprise? Let Onyx Goldsmiths know on Facebook and Twitter!


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