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Whatever the purpose of the valuation you have requested is, you can be guaranteed that at Onyx you will be given a fully researched, expert opinion on the property that has been examined, which will result in a monetary value. In the event of a claim, your valuation portfolio produced by Onyx will help in assisting you with a quicker, hassle free settlement of your claim.


  • Bring your items into our valuer at your convenience.

  • If you are unable to bring your items in, please contact us and we can organize a more suitable arrangement.

  • A receipt will be given for all the items left for appraisal.

  • Items are fully insured while left in our care.

  • Advice will be given on any repairs needed.

  • Full assessment and classification of gemstones and precious metals.

  • Every item is carefully, individually photographed and printed in your portfolio.

  • All your items are professionally documented in a bound portfolio.


  • Insurance valuations are charged at 2% of the overall value.

  • Probate valuations are charged at 5% of the overall value.

  • Post Loss Assessment Reports are charged at £35. This cost will be reimbursed should you replace your lost/stolen items with us.

Please note all our valuations incur a minimum charge of £35.

The Right Valuation for you?

At Onyx we want to make the valuation process as stress free as possible for you. By booking a personal consultation with our in house valuer, they will listen to your requirements and produce a valuation document specific to your requirements and needs. The valuer will talk you through the process and answer any questions along the way.

Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves on the professionalism and quality of our valuation service. All items are individually appraised using the guidelines set out by the Institute of Registered Valuers. All your items will be individually appraised – with full details provided resulting in a bound portfolio, which includes digital photographs.


Please see above.

This largely depends on how many items you require an appraisal for. The approximate turn around time is 2 weeks – however please contact us for a more accurate time period or if you require your valuations by a specific date.

The most common valuation requested is for the purpose of Insurance Replacement. Should your items be lost or stolen our Insurance Valuation document will help to assist you with your claim.

Other types of valuations available are as follows:

  • Probate Valuations – this is required when HM Revenue and Customs with to calculate death duties or inheritance tax on a deceased persons estate.

  • Post Loss Assessment Repost – If you have a theft, loose/damage a stone or have misplaced an item then our valuer can help you by producing a Post Loss Assessment Report. They are normally required when the items aren’t itemised on an Insurance Valuation Certificate and the insurance company requires a cost to replace said items.

This will depend on how often you insurance company requires a renewed valuation. Most request items to be updated every 3-5 years. If you have had a valuation produced by our valuer before then we charge 1% of the overall value, with a minimum charge of £35.

Your jewellery, while in our care, will be kept in a secure safe, As our valuer is in house your items will never leave the premises. All items are fully insured with ourselves while in our care.

If you have a question that we haven’t answered above please don’t hesitate to contact us.