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You Are A Jewel To Behold!

Jewellery is not just a means of presenting ourselves, it is for making us feel proud of what we are and where we are in our lives.

Being beautiful is a matter of training and instinct, common sense and good manners – just as much as it is about the way you look. If, when you take that last fleeting peek in the hall mirror before you go out – and you see that you look just right – that is often the point when you allow yourself a few expectations. But beware! Your experience will tell you that other people have other things on their mind when they see you. They won’t always notice your new jewellery or new clothes straight away.

Instinct will tell you that when you arrive for your evening you will do your best to saunter in happily without any assumptions about who is there, what you look like, where you are in the pecking order of the day. Whatever you are wearing you will feel the flow of confidence because your escort/partner/husband/friend has already told you that the picture’s looking very well indeed. So you act out the picture and people notice; some might sit up and beg for your attention.

But if you have expectations, the inner sensor isn’t so sharp (“I know I look stunning in these earrings, for example. Or “this ring will knock ‘em dead”) so hopes may be dashed.

Jewellery doesn’t just point you out like a good painting, it can frame you in the party. It can place you at the table and it can see you through the dancing – whomsoever the partner might be. Because you match its quality.

Some people could wear and old scarf and a pair of cross-knit flared trousers and earrings of ring-pulls from ‘tinnies’, and get away with it beautifully. Most of us might have to work a bit harder. Jewellery not only helps; it is a statement of what we want to do, where we feel we are going, and who we are.


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